Mississippi Warships

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First USS Mississippi, a steam sidewheeler, built in 1839. Destroyed at Port Hudson, Mississippi, March, 1863.

USS Mississippi Fitting Out at Cramp Shipyard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1907. The name of the ship may be seen across the stern. Note uncovered turret.

Mississippi at Cramp Shipyard nearing end of construction.

Bridge view of forward turret and bow on BB 23.

Forward 12"/45 gun turret, 1908.

View from Mississippi's Afterdeck Looking Forward, 1908.

USS Mississippi on Voyage to Vera Cruz, Mexico, in April, 1914. View on the ship's afterdeck while she was carrying the Navy's first combat air group. Note the Curtiss "AB" type flying boat (on deck at left).

View of BB 23 with one basket mast.

In port.

Mississippi at Founders Day celebration in Philadelphia.

Given to Greek Navy, 1914. Renamed Lemnos.

Mississippi Getting Up Steam, 1908. Keel laid, 1907. First commanding officer, Capt. J. C. Fremont.

Lemnos flying Greek flag in 1919.

Lemnos sinking.

Mississippi with single basket mast, 1909.

Underway in 1909.

BB-23 with twin basket masts in 1910.

On passage to join expedition in Vera Cruz, Mexico, carrying observation planes.

USS Mississippi in Mississippi River, 16 October 1945. Keel laid, 1917. Scrapped, 1956.

Mississippi at Sea, later 1930s.

Bombardment of Peleliu, 1944.

Mississippi off Panama, c. 1923.

Idaho, New Mexico, Miss at PH, Dec. 1943.

Mississippi in North Atlantic, Sept 1941.

Mississippi, 1941.

Mississippi (AG-128), 1947-48.

USS Vicksburg.