Mrs. Turner's Fruit Cake

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2 lb. butter 2 lb. sugar
22 eggs 3 lb. raisins (white)
2 lb. candied pineapple 2 lb. candied cherries
1 1/4 lb. dried figs 1 lb. candied citron
1 lb. shelled almonds (optional) 2 qt. shelled pecans (or more)
4 t. vanilla

1. Soak raisins and figs overnight in 1 pt. whiskey.
2. Dredge in flour (all it will take-1 or 2 qt. flour)
3. Mix and cream butter and sugar. Add vanilla.
4. Add eggs beaten separately.
5. Add floured figs, raisins, and fruit. Do not cut too small.
6. Grease 5 or 6 loaf pans and cut brown paper to fit inside pans.
7. Put toast pan or small pan full of water in bottom of stove. Keep filled.
8. Bake 3 1/2-5 hours at 250F.

Makes 6 large cakes.